Example NFC encoding project

We do many types of encoding projects for clients in large volumes, but as many companies use the NFC chip unique identifier (UID) for matching a sticker or tag to a person, asset, location they require the UID to be written as a text record to the tag and have it locked. They then need a spreadsheet of the UID’s used so they can be loaded into their system for admin and security purposes.  You can read the UID direct from the chip with no need to write the text record, but a lot of system will only read the NDEF record.  The iPhone as an example will not allow you to read the UID from the chip and only a NDEF text record so this the only way you can currently make use the UID with Apple technology. 

To help with implementation we add a removable label to the outside – our customers prefer this as once implemented they can remove for security reasons.